Us Senate Passes Spending Bill

12.14.09 | FL News Team

In a rare Sunday session, the U.S. Senate passed a 447-billion-dollar spending bill and sent it to President Obama for his signature. It includes provisions to boost lending for small businesses which was pushed for by President Obama as a way to combat double-digit unemployment. The legislation also funds dozens of federal departments for the remainder of the 2010 fiscal year. It also includes money for high speed rail, boosting oversight of the financial sector by the Securities and Exchange Commission and encourage needle exchange programs for drug addicts. The needle exchange programs were restricted by former President George W. Bush. Another Bush-era program which will have its funding cut is abstinence-only sex education for school children. Democrats beat back a Republican filibuster Saturday, clearing the way for the legislation's approval. President Obama has until Friday to sign the bill or extend a temporary measure to keep the federal government running.