Us Ready To Pay Off Un Peacekeeping Debt

08.06.09 |

The U.S. is ready to pay off its UN peacekeeping tab. Washington's UN ambassador Susan Rice says the more than two-billion dollars in new and old contributions the U.S. owes the peacekeeping department will be made good and its obligations will be met in full for this year. Rice made the announcement at a UN Security Council meeting on peacekeeping. Peacekeeping head honcho Alain Le Roy called the announcement extremely good news. In June, President Obama requested Congress make a full payment and Rice told the council the administration is ready to keep its promises of support.


The U.S. is the UN's largest contributor. Washington is responsible for about one-quarter of the peacekeeping budget which totals nearly eight-billion dollars. It pays for over 110-thousand soldiers and police in 15 missions around the globe.