Us May Require Brake Override To Counter Runaway Acceleration

03.03.10 | FL News Team

The federal government may mandate auto manufacturers install devices in vehicles that would stop runaway acceleration. Called a brake override system, the device would automatically disengage the accelerator when the brake pedal is pressed. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood advanced the proposal at a hearing on Capitol Hill in response to a question from a Democratic senator. Such systems are already built into new vehicles sold in other parts of the world. LaHood told Senator Jay Rockefeller, quote, "We think its a good safety device and we're trying to figure out if we should be recommending it."

 LaHood made the comment during a hearing over Toyota safety issues, including unintended acceleration. Toyota officials said the company has begun installing a brake override system on some it its new cars, but not all of them. However in next year's cars, all Toyota models will have the feature. Federal safety officials are probing various safety-related problems with Toyota vehicles, including runaway acceleration as well as braking problems.