Us Iran Meeting Underway At Six Party Nuclear Talks

10.01.09 | FL News Team

Talks between Iran and six world powers are underway in what's being described as a "cordial and businesslike" atmosphere. Despite Iran's statements that it will not talk about it's nuclear intentions, the spokeswoman for European Union policy chief Javier Solana says that subject is expected to be the main focus of talks. Cristina Gallach says there is "good will' in the international community to have what she characterized as a "serious relationship with Iran," adding that at the same time there are "important clarifications to be obtained."

The diplomats, from the U.S., Britain, France, Germany, China and Russia, are meeting with the Iranians in Geneva, Switzerland. They're hopeful that Tehran will view the discussions as a serious effort to end the standoff over its nuclear ambitions, which the West believes is for making weapons. Obama administration officials stress the U.S. won't use threats of fresh sanctions at the one-day talks, but are getting ready to move in that direction if necessary. One senior official emphasized that Iran can't just go through the motions at the talks.