Us House Nixes Funding For Npr

03.18.11 | Sarah Harnisch

   The U.S. House has nixed funding for National Public Radio. In a 299 to 192 vote, they voted to permenantly block all federal funding for N.P.R. and its affiliates. It would bar N.P.R. from applying for grants provided by federal agencies. The radio network has 34-million listeners every week. It has 17 foreign bureaus; the most of any broadcast organization in the world. N.P.R. says they get hardly any money from the federal government-- but the cash they do get keeps little tiny rural stations on the air; stations with no other radio signal in the area. American newspaper columnist, journalist, and conservative author George Will says any fair, democratic government should not be paying a news outlet. He said "N.P.R. is run by people who don't like people like me... which is fine. The problem is, there are 14-thousand radio stations in this country. The government shouldn't be subsidizing novel entertainment, and certainly not journalism." The vote is largely symbolic because it's unlikely to pass the Senate, or be signed by President Obama.