Upstate Lawmakers Upset With Nyc Transportation Funding

05.08.09 | FL News Team

Upstate lawmakers are feeling left out, after a bill to fund New York City's transportation system did not include money for Upstate roads and bridges. Lawmakers say this breaks the decades old tradition of attaching statewide transportation projects to New York City's mass transit funding.

The state Legislature recently approved a $2.9 billion rescue package for the cash-strapped MTA.Senate Minority Leader Dean Skelos says the plan piles onto the tax burden for New Yorkers.

The Democratic leadership is promising an additional Upstate bill will be in the works. Republicans say the Governor, Assembly Speaker and Senate Majority Leader, all from New York City, have showed no interest in coming up with a plan for Upstate roads and bridges.

Governor Paterson says the New York City funding was an emergency situation and promises the next transportation bill will be for statewide projects. Upstate Democrats say they trust that will be the case.