Update On Iranian Pastor Facing The Death Penalty

10.07.11 | Sarah Harnisch

    There are new developments in the case of a Christian pastor set to be executed in Iran. The lawyer for Yusef Nadarkhani said a verdict is expected Saturday, and he denied statements that his client had been handed a death sentence. Yet the case was publicized all over the world, saying Nadarkhani had had not one, but four appearances already before courts in Iran, and had exhausted his appeals through the highest court. They ruled in favor of the death penalty. It's unclear where the discrepancy is, but his lawyers say within the next 40 hours, they will have their final answer as to whether or not he will be hanged. Nadarkhani was arrested in October of 2009 for pastoring an Evangelical church, and has been held in prison ever since, refusing multiple times to deny Christ.