University Prof Says Loosing Chesapeake Wont Hurt Gas Drilling In Pa

01.25.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Energy experts in Pennsylvania predict Chesapeake Energy's decision to cut some of its natural gas production isn't expected to hurt Marcellus Shale production. Dr. Kent Moors with Duquesne University says "it's important to emphasize they are cutting production of dry gas. Marcellus Shale production-- that's wet gas." Chesapeake is the nation's second largest natural gas driller, and they have hundreds of wells in Pennsylvania. They announced Tuesday they were cutting their operations because natural gas is abundant, and won't be as profitable. Moors says "wet gas"-- the kind drilled in Pennsylvania-- has a lot of other products in it which companies can use to make more money.  He says "the difference is the wet gas has a number of other byproducts in it, that when they are processed, actually become additional revenue streams." Experts predict not only will Chesapeake not give up work in Pennsylvania, but expects even more companies-- may flock to the Marcellus Shale.