Unique Bible Museum To Open In 2016

04.04.11 |

A unique Bible museum is in the works. There's no name for it yet-- no location even chosen-- but we do know it will be a multi-million dollar high-tech interactive museum, based on the world's largest collection of 10-thousand Jewish, Catholic, and Protestant treasures, owned by Christian businessman Steve Green, the CEO of Hobby Lobby. The collection features original passages of the bible in Aramaic from Jesus's disciples-- and the first edition of the King James Bible with his official seal. Scholars at 30 universities are burrowing into the rare texts and using pioneering technology to bring out the ancient words from the faded paper. The museum is set to open in 2016. A smaller touring version of it will go on display May 16th; first in Oklahoma City, then the Vatican in Rome, and in New York City by Christmas. The traveling exhibit is called "Passages."