Twitter Becomes A Fertile Cybercriminal Hunting Ground

07.07.09 | FL News Team

Stop and think before you click that Twitter link. Cybercriminals are using the popular Web-messaging service to try and sell all manner of things from fake drugs to pornography. They're doing it by posting innocent looking messages with shortened Web links. People reading the messages don't know where on the Internet they're being sent. The result can range from getting an unexpected peek at things most adults do in private to being unknowingly infected with a computer virus that can allow a hacker to take control of a machine from anywhere in the world. That remote access could allow criminals to hijack online bank accounts, steal personal data or simply use the machine to send spam.


Computer security experts recommend all users of the Twitter service make sure they have the latest anti-virus protection installed and that all operating system updates are installed. And try to avoid clicking shortened web addresses posted in messages.