Tutoring Works In Williamsport Pennsylvania

08.08.11 | Sarah Harnisch

 How useful is it to tutor high school kids? A school in Williamsport, Pennsylvania has proven to the country that tutoring works well. 50-percent of the kids that took Williamsport high school's A.P. exams 2 years ago flunked it. Now, nearly 74-percent are passing it. That's better then the state and the global rate on the A.P. exams. Three in every four kids are now getting college credit for passing those tests. The key to the success? Tutoring outside regular classtimes. The school's principal says it began with the teachers voluntarily setting up times before school at 7 a.m., over lunch, and after school to help kids prepare. When the teachers offered help, the kids took the aid. Eight in ten showed up for those tutoring sessions.