Traveling For Labor Day We Have All The Information You Need

08.31.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Today could be the last time in 2012 that temperatures hit 90 degrees in New York and Pennsylvania. Saturday marks the first day of September. The leaves on the trees are starting to change, autumn crispness is in the air at night, and it means summer may go out with a bang this Labor Day holiday. Temperatures across both states are expected to top 90 today, then after today, the weather will be comfortably warm, but only hit 80 Saturday, Sunday, and Monday-- with a chance of rain Monday because of the remnants of Tropical Storm Isaac. Historically, the average temperature for both states is between 74 and 79 for the month of September, meaning fall is truly upon us.

33 million of us will be traveling. When you put gas in your car, you'll be paying more for it today then any other Labor Day weekend in American history. Some cities logged a 10-cent spike in one night. One New York driver said "I remember being a small child and standing in line for 60-cent-a-gallon gas and thinking 'this is so expensive'!" Hurricane Isaac gets a lot of the blame, refineries and a critical pipeline shut down. None of the refineries were damaged, but the longer it takes to get them back online, the higher prices could go. Pennsylvania is logging in at 3-79 a gallon for regular gas, it's 3-97 In New York.