Toyota Sales Outpace Ford In Cash For Clunker Program

08.06.09 | FL News Team

The Transportation Department says Toyota has overtaken Ford in "Cash For Clunker" program new vehicle sales. The Toyota Corolla sedan has passed the Ford Focus as the best-selling vehicle in the popular program. Toyota has two other vehicles in the top five, the Prius hybrid and Camry. Honda's Civic is listed at number three. While imports are riding high in sales, vehicles produced by U.S. manufacturers accounted for all of the top-ten traded-in vehicles. Five of those are light trucks made by Ford plus three Jeep and Dodge models and two General motors vehicles. The government says new vehicles being sold under the program average just over 25-miles-per gallon while those traded-in averaged 18-point-five.


The House approved legislation last week to extend the "Clunkers" program by moving two-billion dollars in already approved economic incentive money from the energy column. The Senate is still debating the issue but is expected to approve the same amount.