Towns In Pa React To Supreme Court Prayer Ruling

05.09.14 | FL News Team

Mixed feelings in many communities around the area after the U.S. Supreme Court ruling this week. The court said it’s ok to start a town meeting with a prayer. One council member in Schuylkill County says his community has started meetings with a prayer for quite some time.
It’s a place of business for government but, members of Tamaqua’s Borough council have always taken time to pray before their meetings, no matter what courts said in the past.
That concern over a possible lawsuit may have been removed by this week  when the U. S. Supreme Court ruled  that towns, like Tamaqua Borough can start  their meetings with a prayer.In the 5-4 vote the Supreme Court ruled prayer is okay , even if it favors one religion.
However, some people in town don’t agree with the supreme court ruling, saying that religion has a place but not in government.