Todays Stop Binghamton Scranton For President Obama

08.23.13 | Sarah Harnisch

President Obama traveled across upstate New York on Thursday to tout a new set of higher-education reforms. He spoke in Buffalo, ate lunch in Rochester with college students and visited a birthplace of women’s rights in Seneca Falls.

The two-day bus tour will continue Friday at Binghamton University, where the president will hold a town-hall style discussion about the affordability of college. The visit is the longest Obama has spent in upstate New York during his presidency.

Obama said he wanted to visit upstate to tout its wealth of colleges and address the soaring cost to attend public and private schools. He proposed a number of measures to increase accountability at colleges and lessen the burden of loans on graduating students.

New York students leave college with an average of nearly $26,000 in loans, he said in Buffalo.

The President speaks at 12:45 in Binghamton, and at 4:45 in Scranton, Pennsylvania this afternoon.