Today Is Midterm Election Day In New York And Pennsylvania

11.07.11 | Sarah Harnisch

  In New York, polls are open till 9 p.m. In Pennsylvania, 8 p.m. Both states are looking at county races, mayors, and town boards. It also means its time to re-elect Senators and State House Representatives and Assemblymen.
   For Pennsylvania, turnout could be low-- with the timing of the redistricting process causing a lower number of competing candidates and some confusion. Election experts say they expect the voting machines to work, unlike the last county elections in 2007.

   In New York, the turnout is expected to be high. There's a state contest for Supreme Court Justice. There are also a record number of politians on the ballot statewide. Town races take up a record 309 ballot lines, and voters in dozens of towns will decide everything from Jasper's highway supervisor to near every open seat in Fremont, Prattsburgh, Pultney, and Wayne.  There are commissioner's seats open in just about every Western Pennsylvania County.  There is a Superior Court judge's seat open in P.A., Alleghany County is picking a new executive, there are counsel races in Corning; Schuyler County has a robust race for a judge, Elmira gets a new mayor, Hector's supervisor candidates are split over hydrofracking, Rochester's looking for a new District Attorney, and the Erie County Executive Race for Chris Collin's seat could come down to voter turnout, where 3 in 7 voters are still undecided.

You can find election info for Pennsylvania here.

You can find election info for New York here.

Election info for New York flood victims can be found here. (Some polling places have changed.)