Thousands Of New Yorkers Lose Healthcare Coverage Weekly

07.16.09 | FL News Team

A new report released by FamiliesUSA shows thousands of New Yorkers are losing their health coverage every week. The report, "The Clock Is Ticking: More Americans Losing Health Coverage," says 24-hundred-70 New Yorkers lose coverage as the steady rise of healthcare costs prices working families out of the market. The organization estimates that by December 2010, increasing healthcare costs will result in the loss of coverage for 385,750 people. Also by December 2010, its estimated about six-point-nine-million people across the country will not be covered. The weekly, monthly and yearly coverage loss estimates are based on a projection of the number of people who have lost or will lose coverage between January 2008, the period immediately following the last Census Bureau report, and December 2010, the end of the 111th Congress.