Thousands Of Churches Attend Webcast Sunday And Consider Ousting The Boy Scouts

05.06.13 |

Thousands of churches across the United States say they will disband their boy scout troops if the ban on openly gay scouts is lifted. Pastor Robert Hall of Calvary Chapel Rio Rancho in California took part in a webcast Sunday rallying opposition to the proposal. Thousands of churches across the country took part last night. Hall said "the pastors that I've talked to are very unhappy with the Scouts even thinking about changing this policy, and they will not continue their relationship with the Boy Scouts of America if they change it." He said most churches have to sign a statement of faith, and gay rights is outside their moral code. That means it is against church rules to allow gay leaders to instruct young boys in their facility. Hall says "we're all in agreement of what we believe; what we're training our boys-- teaching them to honor God and to be morally straight. That would be incompatabily with this change in scouting. We could not continue our relationship with them." The Boy Scout's National Counsel will take a vote on gay leaders and scouts on May 23rd.