There Is A Way To Avoid The Wait On The Phone Line With The Unemployment Office In Pennsylvania

04.08.13 | Sarah Harnisch

People who are hunting for a job in Pennsylvania are sitting on phone lines with the state unemployment office for as long as an hour to learn if they can get help.  The state unemployment office says they're doing the best they can, but their budget keeps getting cut. One official says "we're recieving 30-million-dollars less to administer unemployment benefits." After we ran this story-- Becky Hedgeland, a constituent outreach specialist for a state legislature in Pennsylvania-- gave our newsroom a call. She says there are two options for you, if you can't get through to a person to get unemployment aid. "Throughout the state of Pennsylvania there are offices called Career Links. You can contact your Career Link office, and a lot of people in our area have actually gone into the office. There is a phone line that they can call the unemployment office directly, without a wait." Option two is to call your local lawmaker, and have them contact the unemployment office on your behalf.

To find a Careerlink office near you, go here.
To find the contact information of your local lawmaker, go here.