The Lowdown On Travel Firework Safety For Ny Pa On The 4th Of July

07.02.12 | Sarah Harnisch

More then 42-million Americans are hitting the road over this 4th of July holiday week. Triple-A is projecting travel over the next 10 days will tie the record for the highest volume in the past decade. It's because the fourth falls on a Wednesday, so people have two holiday weekends to pick from for traveling. The good news is, gas prices are 44-cents a gallon cheaper then they were in April.

Pennsylvania and New York have a DUI driving campaign going on from now through Sunday, July 9th. There will be extra patrols on the roads. In 2011, there were 11, 778 alcohol related crashes in Pennsylvania, and 425 people were killed.

As far as fireworks go, what is legal? Pennsylvania State Fire Commissioner Ed Mann says "basically, you can use what's referred to as novelty fireworks, as long as they stay on the ground. Showers and sparks are ok. But avoid the ariel fireworks-- leave those to the professionals. Then you can avoid injury, and a visit from law enforcement agencies." He says even sparklers aren't safe, because they cause burns to the hands and face. If you're not sure that what you're using is legal-- use this word picture: if your neighbor can see your display above their home, it's not legal in New York or Pennsylvania.