The Higgs Boson Particle Whats The Christian Response

07.04.12 | Sarah Harnisch

There was is a big debate on God today in Switzerland. Teams of thousands of scientists announced they found the "God particle"-- the Higgs Boson particle-- and they believe it's the particles that man are made of. They also think it explains the origin of the universe;  a universe made without God. One reporter said "to the extent that I am made of fundamental particles-- does this not have any relevance to me?" The scientist team said "if these particles did not exist, you would not exist."

Bill Nye the Science Guy was making the rounds on national television explaining the story. He says "it may mean we're able to unlock limitless energy. It may mean that we can unlock the next secret of the universe. We'd be another step closer to understanding where we came from, understanding the universe itself, which is quite a mystery to us." Nye says he believes this particle explains what gives all matter in the universe its size and shape. Many people of faith believe this particle is a part of God's creation, not the missing piece that was there when the universe formed itself.