Thaw Coming For Florida Eastern States

01.12.10 | FL News Team

After enduring record-setting cold temperatures for more than a week, Florida residents are looking forward to nearly 80-degree temperatures by Saturday. The cold blast bottomed out Monday when Miami reached a record 36-degrees, while West Palm Beach registered 33 degrees. Residents of Tallahassee woke up Monday morning to 14-degree temperatures. The National Weather Service forecasted a hard freeze overnight for the Florida peninsula, northern Florida and southern Georgia. Below-freezing temperatures have worried citrus growers, who may not know for weeks how the cold snap will affect the state's nine-point-three-billion-dollar citrus industry. Meanwhile, a major portion of the eastern half of the country will remain in an ice box today. Record-setting temperatures have chilled the Midwest and Southwest since the weekend. Relief comes Wednesday. Forecasters are calling for normal temperatures in the East, which means highs in the 40s in the Mid-Atlantic to South and overnight lows above freezing.