Texans Reflect On Charlie Wilsons Passing

02.11.10 | FL News Team

Texas Democrats and Republicans are remembering the life of former U.S. Representative Charlie Wilson. Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie says Wilson was truly larger than life and was a great public servant. The veteran Democrat played a key role in covert U.S. actions against the Soviet Union in Afghanistan. His efforts were depicted in the movie, "Charlie Wilson's War." Richie says even actor Tom Hanks, who played Wilson in the movie, couldn't capture quote, "everything that was Charlie." Richie says whether he was standing up for Texans or those serving in the far corners of the globe, Wilson was a great asset and will be missed.

 Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst says Wilson's service to Texas and the nation will long be remembered as colorful in nature. The Texas Republican says through the force of his personality, Wilson was largely responsible for driving the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan. Wilson served 12-terms in the U.S. House, retiring in the mid-1990's. He died of cardiopulmonary arrest at an east Texas hospital Wednesday afternoon at the age of 76.