Television Networks And Stations Plan Digital Tv Test

05.21.09 | FL News Team

For about three-percent of television viewers in the U.S., today could be a wake-up call. TV stations across the nation are planning what they are calling a "soft test" of the digital broadcast system that goes into effect on June 12th.

Individual stations will turn off their soon to be outmoded analog transmitters for several minutes during the morning then again around noon and once more around 6:30 local time this evening. Those who are ready for the upcoming digital revolution won't notice a thing. Those that are not will be staring at blank screens.

Part of the test today is simply to determine whether phone systems at TV stations are up to the task of handling complaint calls from viewers who did not upgrade their technology. In most cases where converter boxes or a TV with a digital tuner are in place, viewers could discover the weak link is the antenna. Digital signals and rabbit ears do not play well together all of the time.