Talking Cars On The Way

01.08.09 | FL News Team

Toyota says Lexus vehicles scheduled for delivery in the U.S. later this year will be able to talk to the driver. This isn't the 1970s version of the talking car that told you when your seat belts weren't fastened, when a door was ajar or when you were low on fuel.

Toyota says the so called "Lexus Insider" service will allow the manufacturer to send messages directly to owners on a variety of subjects ranging from helpful suggestions for operating the car's functions to occasional tips for an entertaining drive.

"USA Today" says while some drivers might consider the system verbal spam, Lexus hopes they'll find it useful and promises not to bombard owners with non-stop chatter. Drivers participating in the system will see a list of messages on the vehicle navigation system when they start the engine and will be able to choose whether or not to listen to tips about local attractions.