Syracuse Bans Hydrofracking

10.25.11 | Sarah Harnisch

  Should a city be allowed to ban hydrofracking-- if they believe it will endanger them? Syracuse, New York joined a growing list of towns yesterday that bans the gas drilling technique that leaves behind chemicals after breaking up rock to reach natural gas underground. The Syracuse Common Counsel voted in favor of the ban Monday afternoon. They said "66 towns and villages across the state of New York are in the process of banning or have banned the process of hydrofracking. Sooner or later, the legislature and Governor Cuomo will get the message."
  But the Independant Oil and Gas Association of New York told towns don't have the right to make their own rules-- when it comes to gas drilling. They say "only the state is allowed to regulate the oil and gas industry. It means the City of Syracuse is without authority to take the action they've taken."  Albany and Buffalo already have hydrofracking bans in place. The state could decide sometime next year whether to allow marcellus shale drilling in New York.