Summer Air Fare Sales Set To Return

04.07.10 | FL News Team

It's a good news-bad news scenario for summer air travel. The good news is travelers will be able to find some airfare sales, but industry analysts say the bad news is there won't be as many good deals as last year. "USA Today" reports airlines are rolling out the summer travel bargains as they battle for customers they lost during the recession.

 AirTran and Southwest set off the latest round of fare wars with sales that began Monday and were soon matched by American, Delta, US Airways and Continental. Despite the sales, fare watchers say cuts in services by the airlines and demand from restless travelers are driving ticket prices higher than last year. Tom Parsons, of, says some ticket prices for summer travel could be ten to 20-percent higher than last year. In addition to higher prices, there are more blackout dates and limitations, such as requirements that you fly on a Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.