Study Tall People Happier Richer Better Educated

09.10.09 | FL News Team

Tall people are happier and generally earn more and are better educated.  That's the short take on a new study on height out of Princeton University in New Jersey.  Researchers began with a hypothesis put forward last year that brains and bodies grow together.

Many people may never reach their full height because of poor nutrition or childhood diseases.  Researchers surmised the brain may get short-changed too.  

They compared quality of life factors including income and education among more than 450,000 American adults surveyed by telephone.  On a scale of 0 to 10, short women scored a 6.55, versus 6.64 for those over the average height of 5'4".

For men, it was much the same.  Those under the average height of 5'10" scored a 6.41 on a scale of 10, and taller guys scored 6.55.  The findings are reported in the journal "Economics and Human Biology."