Study Sheds More Light On Benefits Of Broccoli

04.06.09 | FL News Team

There really are benefits to eating your broccoli. A newly-released study suggests that eating just two and a half ounces of baby broccoli everyday for 60 days can help ward off a nasty bug that lives in the lining of the stomach.

While the World Health Organization labels Helicobacter pylori a dangerous carcinogen, the study published in the journal "Cancer Prevention Research" says baby broccoli might just be its biggest foe.

Jed Fahey, nutritional biochemist in the Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Cancer Chemoprotection Center at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, says, "We identified a food that, if eaten regularly, might potentially have an effect on the cause of a lot of gastric problems and perhaps even ultimately help prevent stomach cancer."