Study No Big Cost Hike In Premiums Under Senate Bill

12.01.09 | FL News Team

The health bill currently being debated in the Senate would not substantially change premiums for most Americans and could significantly reduce costs for others. That's the conclusion of a report from the Congressional Budget Office, released Monday. The CBO study, released on the day the Senate began debate on the legislation, gives ammunition against those who have criticized the bill on the ground that it would raise costs for most Americans.

 Indiana Democratic Senator Evan Bayh [[ Buy ]], who had raised concerns over the costs, told the "New York Times" he was reassured by the cost analysis. However, Republican Senators Charles Grassley of Iowa and Mitch McConnell from Kentucky, said the report validated their concerns. They pointed to the report's prediction that unsubsidized premiums in the individual insurance market would rise an average of ten to 13-percent. Such premiums comprise less than one fifth of those with health insurance.