Study Cavity Sealants Could Expose Kids To Bpa

09.07.10 | FL News Team

Newly released research shows dental sealants used to treat and prevent cavities could expose children to BPA.  Known as a toxic chemical, bisphenol A or BPA has been linked to a variety of health problems.  Researchers say levels of BPA in saliva can jump to 88 times higher than normal immediately following a dental sealing.  Tests also showed the toxic chemical could be detected up to three hours, but then quickly dropped off after that.

Doctors are unclear how much of the BPA is absorbed into the body or the effects it might have.  However researchers say dental materials most likely cause far less exposure to BPA than other products, like plastic bottles and the linings of metal cans.  Researchers concluded the dental sealants outweighed any potential risks from a limited exposure to BPA.  The study is published in the journal "Pediatrics."