Storms Cause Hail The Size Of Tennis Balls

05.30.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Storms ravaged New York and Pennsylvania last night-- causing car wrecks, sending lightening through homes, and flash flooding. The National Weather Service will be sending out teams to fan both states today, checking for evidence of tornados. Debbie Wait in Seneca Falls said it looked like lightening went through her home while she was inside. Seneca Falls used all their fire departments to respond, plus 6 from neighboring towns. Trees came down on a dozen homes in Fayette. Two barns were taken down in rural western New York. There were 5 car wrecks in Seneca County believed to be directly linked to the weather yesterday, including one with a motorcycle and truck, when winds were clocked at 60 miles an hour. Route 487 is still closed in eastern Pennsylvania from all the flooding this past weekend. At one point, PPL logged 22-hundred customers with no power, and in new york, 26-hundred RG&E customers lost power. Hail the size of small tennis balls was charted in Ava, New York.

Photo courtesy of WKTV.