Stores Selling Out Of Ac Units

07.18.13 | Abby Lutcher

Officials say on nights like tonight, it's important to be where there's air conditioning...But stores across the Southern Tier are running out. The Walmart in Painted-Post says they ran out of air conditioners this afternoon. So did the Horseheads 'Do it' Center. Floor Manager Max Bernhardt tells us everything 'heat' related is flying off his shelves. "People looking for the air conditioners to stay cool, supplies for their pools, fans, and ventilation screens to keep their windows propped open," he says. If you still need a unit, The Lowe's in Big Flats  did have a small supply left Wednesday evening. So did the Walmart in Horseheads. Both stores told us fans and water bottles were also in high demand tonight. Lowe's Seasonal Specialist says the heat wave is good for one thing, it's a big boom for business. Corey Miller, says, "With the heat coming through, everyone's buying air conditioners like they are going out of style. Everyone asks if we have any left. Yes, we have a few left for the rest of the night... but I don't know when they are coming back in after those sell out." The 'Do- it' Center is expecting to have air conditioners back in stock Friday morning. We did get some advice from store managers tonight: try not to stay outside for too long, and get yourself an air conditioner: They will be back in stock soon.