Still No Deal On Pa Budget Wednesday Morning Update

07.02.14 | Sarah Harnisch

A frustrated Governor Tom Corbett, upset that lawmakers didn't tackle pension reform, refused to sign an all-Republican budget ahead of the deadline. He pleaded for pension reform from lawmakers. On Tuesday, the state House discussed the Tobash plan, a hybrid plan that would shift future hires into a combination defined benefit/defined contribution plan. The governor gave that plan his blessing and it was thought the House would discuss and vote it Tuesday. Instead, it was banished to a committee chaired by a lawmaker who doesn't support it.
Pennsylvania government services will not be interrupted while Governor Tom Corbett reviews a $29.1 billion spending plan that lawmakers sent him. Corbett's office said state agencies under his jurisdiction will continue normal operations, and state employees will remain on the job and will be paid. The governor has 10 days to review a budget once it passes the legislature. Corbett said he hadn't agreed to every detail in the budget bill before it passed, so he wants to review it first.