State Police Issue Field Guide Over Safe Act

10.08.13 | Bob Price

New York State Police have issued a field guide for its troopers on how to handle the controversial gun-control law.  The 20-page guide quietly issued last month notes that police officers have been concerned about enforcing the SAFE Act, which was championed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo and passed by the Legislature in January. The purpose of the field guide is to provide guidance to police officers regarding the enforcement of the SAFE Act.  Police officers and the state Sheriff’s Association have questioned the constitutionality of the law which requires police to confiscate guns from people who do not properly register them.  The law lowers the limit of bullets allowed in a magazine from 10 to seven, requires new registrations for weapons and expands the ban on weapons with assault-style characteristics.  The guide notes that the seven-bullet limit should only be investigated by police if there is an indication of a criminal offense.