Special Election In New York City Wasnt Just About The Economy

09.15.11 | Sarah Harnisch

  Tuesday's special election result in New York City could be as much a referendum on gay marriage as it was the president's economic agenda.  Assemblyman David Weprin, who was defeated by Republican Bob Turner, is a strong supporter of gay marriage. What's more, Conservative Activist Jason McGwire say a democratic leading pollster said 39-percent of voters said the issue of marriage was an important issue in the race. McGwire says elected leaders need to take notice. He says "it's important to send the message that marriage matters. And if you're an individual who's waffling under the issue, you're going to pay attention-- and realize this could hurt you." He says the Democratic base cares about protecting traditional marriage. And if it matters in a Democratic stronghold in Queens, then it's definitely going to matter in the Republican base. The 9th District seat, vacated by Anthony Weiner, has been held by Democrats since 1923.