Smokers Fighting Back Against Bans In New York State

05.02.12 | Sarah Harnisch

Empire State smokers are revolting against a new state law that bans them from lighting up in public parks. Smokers are hopping map about a new rule that prohibits them from using New York's nearly 200 state parks, and as historic sites as ash trays. The anti-smoking rule created last month by the New York State Parks Department will results in a disorderly conduct violation for smokers who puff away in banned areas. Signs telling park visitors of the new rules have been posted.

Smoke-free areas include playgrounds, swimming pools, pavilions, and picnic shelters, as well as any area where large numers of people congregate, such as outdoor ampitheatres.  Smoking in banned areas could result in a violation of disorderly conduct. The group New York C.L.A.S.H. says the rule set by the state parks office is illegal. They are making a final request for lawmakers to overturn the ban, and are threatening a lawsuit if the legislature doesn't comply.