Should Local Pa Police Be Allowed To Use Radar

08.18.10 | FL News Team

It's an issue that's been around in Pennsylvania for decades: Should municipal police in Pennsylvania be allowed to use radar devices to stop speeding motorists? Several local police officials told a Senate committee Tuesday that they should be allowed to use radar.

From time to time, the issue of allowing more police departments to use radar has come up, but legislators fear some municipalities would create "speed traps" with high fines for speeding. In other words, looking for boosting income for the town instead of traffic safety.

Local police use electronic tools such as VASCAR, which determines a car's speed by measuring the time it takes to move between two points. However, radar is considered more effective.

David Eshbach, an official of the Pennsylvania Chiefs of Police Association said the Legislature "authorized the use of radar as a tool for speed enforcement by the state police way back in 1961..." He also said Pennsylvania has the "unique distinction of being the only state in the entire country that does not permit local police to use radar as a speed enforcement tool."