September 11th Preview Site Offers Audio History

03.26.10 | FL News Team

Visitors to Ground Zero will now be able to hear the story of September 11th through audio interviews being made available. The Memorial and Museum has teamed with StoryCorps to provide a listening station at the Museum's preview site near the former World Trade Center. The public will be able to hear the tales from survivors, first responders and family members who lost loved ones. In addition, a rotating exhibit of artifacts will be on display to coordinate with the audio pieces. Many of the interviews now available will become a permanent part of the Museum once construction finishes. Visitors also will be able to record their own memories in a sound-proof booth. The Museum now is hoping to capture audio from each victim's family. Since 2005, StoryCorps has operated a recording booth in Lower Manhattan to collect thousands of 9-11 related interviews as the non-profit seeks to document the oral history of the tragic day.