Secular Group In Western New York Frustrating Christians With Their Billboards

04.08.11 | Bob Price, Sarah Harnisch, Bill Price

    A battle of the billboards is brewing in Indianapolis, and it's pitting Christians against a secular group headquartered in Amherst, NY.  The billboards went up last month by the Center for Inquiry.  They tell people they don't need God. Executive Director Reba Boyd Wooden says the signs are intended to reach people who feel isolated --- NOT to go after Christians. She says "it's an effort to reach out to those people. It's not an effort to convert people who want to stay religious." But many Christians like Pastor Bill Jenkins of the Church of Acts near Buffalo tells WIVB-TV that the sign's message --- spreads the WRONG message. " He says "we really do need God. In the times that we're going through, the financial problems that we're having, with all of the mess that's going on around our city, we need God more then ever." Jenkins' church is now taking-up a collection to pay for their own billboard..  He say it will tell people they do need God.