Secretary Of State In Moscow For Wide Ranging Meetings

10.13.09 | FL News Team

Possible sanctions against Iran, renewal of an aging arms reduction treaty and a mobile missile shield to protect Europe are up for discussion between the U.S. and Russia. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton will meet with Russian officials in Moscow for two days beginning Tuesday. Clinton will seek assurances from the Kremlin for sanctions against Iran if that nation doesn't end its nuclear weapons program or fails to allow international inspectors to examine its atomic sites.

Also up for discussion is the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, which was approved during the Reagan administration. The current accord expires December 5th. The Russians are expected to probe Clinton over the U.S. missile shield for Europe. The Obama administration scrapped a Poland-based missile installation proposed by the Bush administration in favor of missiles based on U.S. Navy ships. Some Russian officials fear that could pose a greater threat to their nation than the land-based missiles in Poland.