Secretary Of State Clinton Addresses Pakistani Suspicions

10.29.09 | FL News Team

(Lahore) -- Secretary of State Hillary Clinton encountered a suspicious student body today at one of Pakistan's major universities. Students at the Government College University in Lahore wanted to know if the U.S. is truly committed to Pakistan in its time of crisis.

One student asked what guarantee the U.S. can provide the country that Washington can be trusted. Clinton acknowledged what she called a trust deficit, but said a minority of people in both countries can't be allowed to determine the relationship between the U.S. and Pakistan.

She called religious extremism a threat to everything both countries hold dear and called on Pakistan's youth to stand firm against it. She emphasized that common interests between the U.S. and Pakistan outweigh any differences.

Clinton will hold discussions today with Pakistan's army and security officials. The topics are expected to cover Islamabad's military effort against extremists in South Waziristan and the U.S.-led battle against Taliban religious militants in neighboring Afghanistan.