Second Amendment Challenge Highlights Last Day Of Supreme Court

06.28.10 |

An expected ruling involving a handgun ban in Chicago highlights what is expected to be the final day of work for the year for the U.S. Supreme Court. A decision by the Court to lift the ban could open up the flood gates for more legal attacks on state and local gun restrictions. The ban on handguns in Chicago has been in place since 1982. Supporters of lifting the ban argue that the Second Amendment applies to federal law, and that cities and states should have the right to adopt their own gun laws based on citizens' safety and public health. Two years ago the court tossed out a similar ban in Washington, DC, ruling handguns should be available for homeowners for self-defense. Even if the Court strikes down the ban, restrictions could be instituted. The court is also expected to weigh in on a couple of other cases involving students' religious rights on college campuses and software patents.

 Meanwhile, this is will be the last day of work for Justice John Paul Stevens, who is leaving the court after serving 35 years on the bench. Just down the street from where the Court will make its final rulings, the Senate Judiciary Committee begins the first day in the nomination process of Elena Kagan at 12:30 p.m. Eastern. Kagan was selected by President Obama to replace Justice Stevens.