Seasonal Flu Shot Better Than Nasal Spray For Adults

09.24.09 | FL News Team

Researchers say adults are better off getting a shot than a nasal spray for protection against seasonal flu. Their study shows that shots containing inactivated viruses prevent about 50 percent more seasonal flu than an intra-nasal vaccine containing a weakened virus. Study leader Dr. Arnold Monto of the University of Michigan emphasizes that it's not yet clear if the findings will hold true for the pandemic H1N1 flu virus. Various studies indicate that the nasal vaccine FluMist protects against seasonal flu in children. The report is published online in the "New England Journal of Medicine."


FluMist, manufactured by Gaithersburg, Maryland-based Medlmmune Corp. will be the first vaccine available for H1N1 flu. Some three-point-four-million doses are scheduled to show up in early October. It will make up approximately 42-million of the 270-million doses of H1N1 flu vaccine ordered by the federal government.