Safety Tips For Power Outages

12.12.08 | Bob Price

Hundreds of thousands of people have been left without power after Friday night's snow and ice storm. If you get stuck in that situation this winter, emergency services would like your attention. Here are some safety tips from Tim Marshal, the deputy director of Emergency Services in Steuben County:

1. Be very careful if you use candles for lighting. You are better off using a portable lantern or flashlights.
2. Do not use kerosene space heaters and electric generators inside your home. They give off carbon monoxide and can be deadly.
3. Close off rooms that are being heated and keep your family in those rooms.
4. Limit how often you open and close the refrigerator. Know what you want before you open and shut the door. That way the food stays cooler for a longer period of time, and you don't get food poisoning.