Safety Pistol Permit Classes

07.01.13 | Abby Lutcher

Under sheriff Bill Schrom says his department wants the public to have a good knowledge of gun safety and the gun laws that apply to owning a pistol. Gun enthusiast Ronald Johnson was at the afternoon class. “I think the class is very good, and the main keys they're hitting on is safety, which I think is one of the most important parts of any gun ownership, because if you’re not safe with it, then someone could get hurt, or something could go bad,” Johnson said. Plus, if you want to upgrade your permit, or be a first time gun owner, you have to attend. Upgrading allows people with a restricted pistol permit to be able to carry their gun on them and take it more places. Between Saturday's two classes, nearly 400 people showed up. When it comes to someone getting hurt because they didn't follow the pistol permit rules, captain Sean Holley says do not think of it as an accident. “It's called negligence or carelessness,” says Holley.  “When somebody has an incident with a firearm, it's normally because they played a role in that.  They need to remember the safety rules, then there shouldn't be a problem.” If you didn't make these first two classes, there will definitely be more.  Schrom says around 1,000 people have expressed interest. He says just call or stop by the sheriff's department to find out the dates and times of the next classes and register to attend one.