S A F E Act Deadline Looming In Ny

03.26.14 | Bob Price

Gun owners need to make sure their guns are registered before the Safe Act deadline on April 15th. There are 21 days left before someone can face arrest for not having their gun listed in the state wide registry.

However gun owners around the Twin Tiers claim they have received no information on how to do so. Dave Locke of Horseheads said, “There’s been no information how to register, where to register, any cost for registering. I don't know anything about it.”

The registry is aimed at letting State Police know what guns are on New York streets. The manager of Hills Valleys and Streams Dan Nikulich said,” There’s not going to be a lot of people doing it because they have no way to track that info in the beginning so how are they going to follow up on that.”

Even the Chemung County Sheriff’s Office is a little skeptical about registering guns. Sheriff Chris Moss said, “The State Police aren’t sharing the numbers for the sheriffs on who registered riffles which lead us to believe very few have done so.”

Both workers and people shopping at Hills Valleys and Streams agree on one thing with the Safe Act. Locke said, “Criminals don't care about the law, the guns they have now are illegal what do they care about what laws are passed, what do they care? It doesn’t stop them.”

Nikulich said, “Criminals are going to get what they want. If they want ammo they are going to get it if they want a gun they are going to buy it illegally.”

But for those of you who want to register your gun the process is fairly simple. Sheriff Moss said, “It is very easy to do, you go to the New York State Police website and just follow the icons it won’t take long, the register form is right there, and you can submit online if you chose to do so.”