Rove Memoir Defends Bush Administration Concedes Failures

03.04.10 | FL News Team

In his upcoming memoir, Karl Rove -- former President George W. Bush's senior adviser -- rushes to the defense of his old boss, saying Bush did not mislead the American public about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq to "lie us" into a war. The book, entitled "Courage and Consequence," is set to be released March 9th. While still championing the Bush administration's handling of the Iraq war, Rove admits the failure to located WMDs damaged the administration's credibility. Rove writes that when Democrats began attacking Bush on the issue, "we should have countered in a forceful and overwhelming way." Rove calls the Democratic attacks a "poison-tipped dagger aimed at the heart of the Bush presidency."

 Rove concedes that the White House was "too passive for too long" during Hurricane Katrina, adding that "Louisiana's failures became our failures." Rove slams Louisiana's Democratic leadership, claiming problems arose about who would take control at the beginning of the crisis. Rove also questions Louisiana's ability to cooperate with the federal government. In another section of the book Rove criticizes President Obama, describing his views on health care as "simply at odds with reality."