Roughly One In Two Americans Will Get Flu Shots

09.09.10 | FL News Team

The arrival of fall also marks the start of flu season.  Are you getting a flu shot this year?  Just over half of those taking part in a new Rasmussen Reports poll say they plan to get inoculated against the bug, while 42-percent won't be taking the injection.

In light of the H1N1 outbreak last year, federal health officials are urging Americans to get a flu shot.  But few people feel a sense of urgency in the matter.  Only 15-percent are concerned about health care facilities running out of the vaccine if an epidemic were to occur.

More than 40-percent believe the medical professionals in their communities will be prepared if there's a major flu outbreak this winter, compared to 20-percent who don't think the doctors in their area would be able to handle such a crisis.  Just over a third of those polled aren't sure just how well the medical community could address the situation.