Romney Strikes Back Takes Lead From Obama

10.09.12 | Jeremy Miller

          Following a stellar debate performance last week, Mitt Romney has closed a 9 percentage-point gap and is once again tied with President Obama in the latest The Washington Times/Zogby Poll. Likely voters who watched Wednesday’s debate overwhelmingly scored it a win for Mr. Romney, 65 percent to 14 percent for Mr. Obama. Only 8 percent of independent voters say the President won that match of wits. The poll also showed Mr. Romney turning the gender gap in his favor, recapturing an overall lead among independent voters and taking the lead when voters were asked who they thought would do a better at handling jobs and the economy. The numbers are a major change in direction from the week before the debate, when Mr. Obama was flirting with 50 percent — a 9 percentage-point lead over Mr. Romney.